Weekend Collection
design Umberto Asnago


Adorea represents the essence of contemporary living through a fascinating collection of elegant and refined furniture. Drawing on the profound experience of the Cappelletti family, renowned leaders in furniture making.

The creation of the Adorea style


The creation of the Adorea style

The Weekend collection was born from a desire for everyday life and essential elements: nature, materials and geometries. Shapes and materials create a silky atmosphere. Surfaces are smooth, soft, warm and materic, welcoming for a comprehensive sensorial experience.

Selected Products

Umberto Asnago, internationally renowned Designer and Art Director, began his career in 1968, as a designer and subsequently director of the Research Center of Giorgetti S.p.A. Since 2006 he decided to dedicate himself completely to a career as a designer and creative consultant; he will hold the role of Art Director for Penta Light. Among the most important collaborations over the years we can mention: Arflex, Ivano Redaelli, 4Mariani, Porada, Bodema and Frigerio. In 2011 he resumed his collaboration with Giorgetti as designer.
In addition to designing furniture products, Asnago also deals with exhibition stands and retail design, in Italy and abroad. The great experience gained over the years and the profound technical and material knowledge make Umberto Asnago the right interpreter to give life to the debut collection of the Adorea brand.